Founded in 1999 and established in Geneva, Switzerland in 2002, as Capezzana Shipping & Trading S.A., Capezzana Commodities is a traditional commodities trading house that combines efficiency with imaginative approach.

Since then, the company has steadily grown its business activity and network and today is one of the largest suppliers and distributors of rice in Senegal, Gambia and Mali.

Capezzana continues to develop and expand its activity, on the basis of the solid commercial relations it has created over the years with its partners, suppliers and clients, built on a spirit of mutual trust and understanding.

Since 2014, Capezzana has added Morocco, India, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Angola in its commerce markets, trading corn, soybean meal, wheat bran, barley and millet.

In 2021, Capezzana Shipping & Trading merged with Lake Commodities SA to create Capezzana Commodities expanding its activity further.


Our most important asset is our «carry on» spirit that wins. During our almost a quarter-of-a-century existence, our quiet method of commerce provided us with significant resilience to the impressive market storms which we have encountered riding hand-in-hand with our partners.

For more than 20 years, our impeccable honesty, transparency, consistency, and dedication to our counterparts remains our greatest achievement and satisfaction.


Capezzana Commodities is built on strong foundations brought together by our core values that underline everything we do. These values define our corporate ethos and guide the way we do business: building on our expertise and experience, we create added value for our clients, partners and suppliers by focusing on results and long-term relationships.

At the heart of our operation and our competitive advantage is the emphasis we put on high performance, high-quality standards and direct relationships, which are the outcome of our corporate principles:

  • Reliability

  • Efficiency
  • Trust
  • Care
  • Resolve
  • Tradition
  • Creativity